19th century guitar by Martin de Witte (built after J.G. Stauffer)  2017

Due to some repertoire concept change, we decided to sell a highly professional, in fact a fantastic instrument that we used in the recording of the LUTEDUO BACH VISIONS:
The lute is by Maurice Ottiger, a great Swiss maker who is a follower of the tradition of Jacob van der Geest, one of the fathers of European lute making in the 20th century.

The lute comes in a made to measure Kingham case.

Instrument is in perfect shape. Everything is perfect – the wood work, the woods used, the action, the tone.

Please feel free to ask for more information


8 String Classical Guitar by Wojciech Woźniak, based on several 19th century concepts, nice action perfect spruce top.

Baroque lute by Wojciech Woźniak 2022 for sale.

It is a LUTEDUO SWANNECK CONCEPT instrument, those lutes are perfect for Weiss
and Bach
while French music can be played well too.
String Length 69/95 the instrument has a double function as a theorbo. There are extra holes for the theorbo spacing of 14 strings. Extra nut for theorbo setting comes along.

More about these instruments :

6 courses vihuela by Stephen Barber, 1996 Stringlength : 46cm

6 courses lute by Maurice Ottiger, 1985 Stringlength 59,5 cm

Electric Guitar by Wojciech Woźniak decorated with Jean Voboam Baroque Guitar pattern