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Dear lutenists, guitarists and music enthusiasts! Constantly working towards popularization of the lute and historical performance practice we gladly share our experience and skills with those who would like to widen their knowledge, work on the interpretation on the lute family instruments or classical guitar, learn improvisation and basso continuo on the plucked instruments and make their own transcriptions of baroque and renaissance music including solo works by J. S. Bach for the lute or classical guitar. For those who do not feel comfortable with skype communication we offer a possibility of a Video Evaluation. You send us a video of your playing and we make a detailed description of it in musical and technical terms, analyzing problematic and stylistic elements which helps to improve playing skills and interpretation. The positive side of this method is that you can always return and read our instructions, also working on demo recordings gives one a lot of discipline and immediate understanding of ones limitations and abilities. You can develop very solid self teaching skills using this method. Please fill in the e-mail form to receive information about dates, terms and necessary arrangements.


Please contact us at com concerning individual lessons.


For those who have no possibility to meet us and still would like to have professional advice we are offering Skype consultations.

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